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FAQ – HS Counseling

Answers to commonly-asked questions about HealthSapiens Counseling


Frequently-Asked Questions

What conditions can a HealthSapiens Counseling Subscription help with?

Answer: Our licensed therapists have years of experience treating a wide range of conditions including (but not limited to):

Anxiety, Bulimia, Depression, Grieving/Loss of a Loved One, Insomnia/Trouble Sleeping, Mood Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Relationship Issues, Stress, Substance Abuse, and Teen/Parenting Issues

How does HealthSapiens Counseling work?

Answer: Once you register as a new user and reach our special counseling line, you will be connected with a counselor. There's never a per-visit or per-hour fee, and you can avoid the counselor's office, waiting rooms, and the drive across town and back.

HealthSapiens Counseling is affordable peace-of-mind for a fraction of the price of traditional counseling (which can run $100/hr or more for a single session.)

Do I need to have insurance / what if I already have health insurance?

Answer: You can sign up regardless of whether or not you have health insurance. There is never a co-pay or deductible -- you simply pay an affordable monthly subscription rate each month.

How often can I speak with a therapist?

Answer: You can speak with a Masters-level counselor as many times as you need (for pre-clinical sessions) during the term of your subscription.

Counseling sessions will be scheduled as clinically-appropriate and determined by a counselor.

Why is HealthSapiens Counseling so affordable? Is there a catch?

Answer: There is no catch. Unlike insurance, there are no greedy intermediaries between you and our therapists.

The money you pay goes to our therapists with no payouts to insurance companies or government entities. That’s how therapy should be, right?

Do you offer Family Plans or Couples Counseling?

Answer: Sorry, no these options are not offered at this time. Each Counseling Subscription plan is for (1) user per account.

Can I get prescribed anti-depressants?

Answer: No, we offer therapy sessions, not pharmaceuticals.

Do you have therapists who specialize in personality disorders in young adults?

Answer: Yes, we do.

What are "Pre-Clinical Sessions"?

Answer: Pre-clinical sessions are informal sessions conducted with a Masters-level counselor or therapist. These are sessions that are not part of a regimen or mental health treatment program. These types of sessions could range from talking over relationship issues to having a bad day at work all the way to diagnosis of mental health issues such as depression or anxiety.