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Remote Patient Monitoring

Health Sapiens RPM advanced and comprehensive solution for remote patient monitoring (RPM). A High level Introduction:

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) has indeed become increasingly popular and valuable in modern healthcare. By leveraging various devices such as wearable sensors, smart scales, blood pressure cuffs, and glucometers, RPM enables healthcare providers to remotely monitor patients’ vital signs, symptoms, and other health metrics in real-time. This allows for more proactive and personalized care management, as healthcare professionals can detect changes or issues early on and intervene promptly, even without physical proximity to the patient. RPM not only enhances convenience for patients, especially those with chronic conditions who require regular monitoring, but it also promotes patient engagement and empowerment by involving them in their own care process. Moreover, RPM can lead to better health outcomes by facilitating timely interventions, reducing the need for hospitalizations or emergency room visits, and improving overall patient satisfaction.

When integrated with telehealth services, RPM forms a powerful combination that enables healthcare providers to deliver comprehensive care remotely, bridging geographical barriers and improving access to healthcare services for individuals who may have difficulty traveling or accessing traditional healthcare facilities.

As technology continues to advance and healthcare systems evolve, RPM is expected to play an increasingly significant role in optimizing patient care, enhancing efficiency, and reducing healthcare costs


Health Sapiens RPM advanced and comprehensive solution for remote patient monitoring (RPM). Let’s break down its key features:

Onboarding Patients: Simplifying the process of adding patients to the system ensures a smooth start to their remote monitoring journey.
Electronic Consent: Obtaining patient consent electronically streamlines the administrative process and ensures compliance with privacy regulations.
Device Integration: The ability to easily assign Bluetooth and cellular-enabled vital measuring devices to patients facilitates continuous monitoring of their health metrics.
Custom Alerts: Setting up customized warnings and alerts for each patient allows for proactive management of their health conditions.
Patient Escalation: Automatically identifying patients who require additional care and escalating their cases ensures timely intervention and support.
Billing Reports: Automatically generating CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) reports for reimbursement simplifies the financial aspect of remote patient monitoring for healthcare providers.
Cross-Platform Compatibility: Being compatible with all major platforms (iOS, Android, Web) enhances accessibility and convenience for both patients and healthcare professionals.
Disease Management: Supporting the management of various chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and congestive heart failure (CHF) demonstrates the versatility and applicability of the solution across different healthcare needs.


Health Sapiens RPM advanced and comprehensive solution for remote patient monitoring (RPM). Let’s break down its key features:

There are many symptoms and conditions that can be tracked through remote patient monitoring, including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Weight loss or gain

Many of the devices that patients will use may be familiar to them, including:

  • Weight scales
  • Pulse oximeters
  • Blood glucose meters
  • Blood pressure monitors

As the popularity and convenience of telehealth grows, so does remote patient monitoring. More providers are implementing remote patient monitoring for several reasons, including:

  • The ability to monitor and prevent serious complications in remote locations
  • As a pathway to value-based care
  • Increase quality of care, establishing greater state of patient wellness while increasing practice revenue

Integrated Medical Device Solutions

We simplify and accelerate deployment by providing a fully integrated end-to-end solution using many cellular, Bluetooth, and USB oriented medical devices to facilitate capture of physiological and therapeutic measures.


List of Medicare Telehealth Services effective January 1, 2024


Initial Onboarding Monthly Billing
Patient Enrollment 99453 Device Monitoring 99454 Care Management 99457 Care Management 99458 Care Management 99458
Onboarding $19.65 16-day measures $46.50 20 Minutes $48.14 20 Minutes $38.64 20 Minutes $38.64
Annual Client net revenue impact: $92,400 for every 100 qualified patients
  • Client Staff interactions with patient and caregivers
  • Review of patient chart
  • Manage Alert and escalations
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